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Welcome to Jaguar 4x4 Trailers.

Discovering the wild in perfect luxury and comfort has just became as easy as driving to work.

We offer the most affordable and rugged off-road trailer of its kind on the market.
Buyers seeking a trailer that will allow them to enjoy the outdoors without having to wast time setting up camp. It provides easy access to storage compartments and has lockable doors that seals with rubber. All materials are selected to ensure good quality, durability, strenth and maintenance free operation.

We can build a trailer to your specific needs to be perfectly to what you need in a off-road trailer, with all the features of a fridge, stove, water tank, rooftop/trailer tent and enough packing space only to mention some.

Our trailers can be seen on the roads from Cape Town to Malawi, Namibia, Botswana to Mozambique.

Let us help you design your trailer and all you have to do is pack it.

We have a full range of off-road trailers and are


Any enquiries about trailers, please contact Jacques Serfontein at:

Cell: 073 333 5554 - Jacques


We do manufacture 4 different models.

Model Jag-1
2,0m x 1,5m Aluminium 4x4 Trailer.

Model Jag-2 
2,0m x 1,2m Aluminium 4x4 Trailer.

Model Jag-3 
1,4m x 1,2m Aluminium 4x4 Trailer.

Model Jag-4
2,0m x 1,2m Aluminium Luggage 4x4 Trailer.

Customers Feedback:
Subject: Puik
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2012 09:26:37 +0200


Ek wil net vir jou en jou span dankie se dat julle in so kort tyd my wa kon
klaar maak en dat ek en my familie `n puik vakansie kon geniet en `n memory
vir `n leeftyd kan deel. Julle kan trots wees op wat julle doen . Daar is
produkte wat baie meer kos en nie baie beter is nie. Waarde vir geld, bou
gehaalte. Puik!

Cean Grabe

Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2012 04:54:00 -0500

Hi Jacques

Did two camps with the trailer over the xmas period. Very impressed, it made the whole experience more enjoyable. Just waiting for the wife to send me some photo's and if they're any good i'll forward some on to you.
Kind Regards

Etienne van der Mescht. Beste trailer op die mark!!!

Standard Features:
  • Chassis and upper structure – Re-enforced, Heavy duty galvanised steel
  • Body cladding – 1,47mm Aluminium propeller plate, sealed pop rivet with polyurethane for durability.
  • Floor – 2mm Aluminium flat sheet.
  • Load body size – Length: 2000mm
  • Width: 1200mm or 1510mm
  • Depth: 900mm
  • Locking mechanisms – Mini container locks are used on all doors.
  • Suspension – 1600kg, 6 stud solid unbraked axle. 1600kg short 8 blade leave springs. Standard coupler. Wheel track can be matched to towing vehicle. Heavy duty shock absorbers. Overrun brake system and upgrades optional.
  • Tyres – 215/70/15”, White epoxy steel rims. 16” and upgrades optional.
  • Hinges – Rustproof fasteners with grease nippels
  • Jockey wheel – Adjustable, 48mm heavy duty.
  • Stands – Rear anti-tilt supports
Optional extras:
  • Rooftop/trailer tent
  • Spare wheel
  • Spare wheel basket or swing-arm
  • Battery box, Charging wiring with 102amp deep cycle battery and LED strip lights
  • Water tank
  • Roof rack with table slider + to fit solar panels.
  • Heavy duty 4 stud coupler
  • Many more optional extras
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